Story number 4 for 9 May 2000

By May 9, 2000

Elsewhere, an enormous church is sowing the hope of the Gospel in their country. Mission Network News’ Joel Hill filed this report from Seoul, South Korea. “The 65-thousand member Manmin church in Seoul as South Koreans are praying for spiritual growth and healing during a two-week crusade, held in the nation’s capitol. Arguably the largest church in this part of Asia, Manmin Church is anticipating some 200-thousand people will come from across the country to experience physical and spiritual healing. Johnny Kim, with Manmin Ministries says they will use this time to evangelize those in attendance and those who will be witnessing the event throughout a nationwide cable and satellite system. A worldwide audience is expected to log on to the Internet to experience the event in real time. Kim hopes this will be a breakthrough for the Korean people as materialism and a lack of spiritual interest plague levels of Korean society. Reporting from Seoul, for Mission Network News, I’m Joel Hill.”

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