Story number 5 for 1 Jul 2003

By July 1, 2003

(Greece)–And, the fervor for the summer Olympic Games grows as preparations keep pace with the countdown. Greater Europe Mission’s Bob Hill is a veteran missionary at their Greek Bible Institute. He says ministries like theirs are readying a massive outreach launch because next summer’s event in Greece becomes a door to share the Gospel with open hearts. “One of the advantages of the Olympic Games is all prejudices and stereotypes are out of the window. Greece is a difficult country. 98-percent of the people don’t even go to church. So, it’s not a matter of denomination, it’s a matter that people are not spiritual, whether they claim to be a member of a church or not.” Hill describes their team’s approach to the evangelistic campaign. “They’re calling it ‘Crown of Life’, and some aspects are just kind of philanthropic and things of human compassion and concern, like giving out bottles of water with a tract on them and an offer for a free New Testament or The JESUS video.” Please pray that the preparations go smoothly and that the church is ready for discipleship ministry.

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