Story number 5 for 1 Oct 2001

By October 1, 2001

(Mexico)–And finally, the American economy is struggling to make a comeback, after a ripple effect downturn. That, coupled with the terrorist attacks, has made for a tsunami-like wave on the poor along Mexico’s borders. Increased security at the borders is scaring potential investors away, and killing small businesses. Pastor Rudy Fraire (FRAR-ay ) is working with Casas por Cristo. “There are longer lines to cross the border, and besides that, there’s lots of companies closing up-they’re going out of business in Juarez, so there’s a lot of people unemployed right now in Juarez.” Fraire says Casa’s house-building teams share in the burden to reach these poor people with the hope of Christ. “They have direct contact with the people and they share the Gospel; they tell them about the Lord and it’s a great opportunity for the teams to come in and see the need over in Mexico, over in Juarez.” Casas por Cristo is Spanish for “Houses because of Christ.” The ministry started in 1993 to address the needs of the poor in Mexico.

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