Story number 5 for 10 Apr 2003

By April 10, 2003

(South Africa) — And finally, while Muslim influence may be on the rise throughout the continent of Africa, the hope of the Gospel is reaching a hungry people. Holly Beech is the staff development facilitator at Trans World Radio Africa in Johannesburg. She works to help their network of stations make the transition from the analog world into current digital technology. When asked what is behind her vision for Christian radio in Africa, Beech summed it up this way: “The Gospel makes a difference in phenomenal ways-not just trying to reach the spiritual needs, but also the physical needs of people–how people were on the edge, ready to commit suicide, they turned on the radio and they happened to tune in to one of our broadcasts, an act of God, that they would just tune in and that would be one of our broadcasts and that they would come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.”

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