Story number 5 for 12 May 2003

By May 12, 2003

(Latin America)–And, there are scores of Latinos training for the Gospel ministry. They plan to go back to their own countries and overseas to serve as pastors and missionaries. Paul Sywulka is President of the Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala City. The school is one of CAM International’s and the largest in Central America. “Latin Americans tend to be conscious of the fact that they have a lot in common with other cultures in the Two-Thirds World, and perhaps, their presence wouldn’t be the same kind of obstacle or create the same kinds of difficulties that sometimes North American missionaries face.” Sywulka says despite financial challenges, the Latin American believers watched the evangelistic pattern forming around them, and got their vision from it. “They almost feel as if God has raised up the church in Latin America to take a very active role at this time in history.”

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