Story number 5 for 12 Sep 2002

By September 12, 2002

(USA)–And finally, even though Halloween is more than a month away, an evangelical organization is encouraging Christians to use it as a ministry tool. American Tract Society’s Dan Southern. “Our goal is to get every Christian family in America to stay home for two hours on October the 31st and have the best house on the block for Halloween kids to come trick-or-treating. There could be some really good Christian music playing out of your home. And then, you give them the best candy you can afford with a Gospel tract that will turn these kids on to looking deeper into what the Gospel is all about.” Southern says many children and adults come to Christ reading the tracts. “An 82-year old man accepted Christ as his Savior. He wrote to us saying he found it in his granddaughter’s Halloween bag. Many times, the whole family is exposed to the Gospel through the tract that the child brings home.” Go to ATStracts-dot-org to find out more.

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