Story number 5 for 14 Jul 2003

By July 14, 2003

(Cameroon)–And, Grace Ministries International says a partnership in Cameroon has grown into a new outreach for them. Grace’s Sam Vinton explains a sister organization involved in prison correspondence course ministries quickly outgrew their original vision. “These people began developing some churches, and so, the mission organization told them that this is beyond the scope of their ministries. They asked them to invite us to go and work with them. This is something we’ve taken upon ourselves as a new area of ministry.” Vinton says they are seeing so much happening through God’s timing, it’s a struggle to keep up. “One of the things that we’re going to move on is to re-open a Bible school that they’d had there before and start up the training of pastors and evangelists to get out into the villages to pastor about 10 or 11 churches that are already in existence, and then to also start moving in church planting.”

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