Story number 5 for 14 Nov 2002

By November 14, 2002

(USA)–And finally, retirees are being encouraged to use the second half of their lives and their skills on the mission field. That’s the focus of a conference, sponsored in part by The Finishers Project. The Finishers Project’s Nelson Malwitz says retirees need to consider sharing their knowledge overseas. “The nations want people to come over, not only to tell them that Jesus saves, but they’re asking, ‘Can you send any Christians over that can do anything?’ And, as a result, the Finishers Project really was put together born out of a mixture of needs. And so, we stand in the gap between sending organizations and people in the pew as they consider what they might do with the second half of their life and turning it over to Jesus.” Malwitz says the conference is scheduled for November 22nd and 23rd at Los Gatos Christian Church in Los Gatos, California. “There’ll be about 40 to 50 organizations looking for people to come along side their vision and join them in some way. There’s challenge. There’s information. There (are) pathways to move into missions.”

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