Story number 5 for 15 May 2001

By May 15, 2001

(Zimbabwe)–And, a team of evangelists are effectively leading hundreds of people to Christ in Zimbabwe. African Enterprise’s Malcolm Graham says the team is called the Foxfire Team. These teams travel from community to community sharing the Gospel and planting churches. Graham says the ministry is effective. “They estimated that 22-thousand people heard the Gospel and at least 20-percent of that made commitments. I know in one year there were eight new churches that were planted, and already we’ve estimated about 160 churches have been planted as a result.” Graham says that’s why it’s important that concerned Christians fund this program. “Each year we try to provide them with a bicycle, a bed roll, back pack, sleeping bag and a mat. And, their monthly allowance is only 50-dollars. So, it’s a very cost-effective ministry. So, the total budget all together is only 20-thousand dollars.”

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