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Published on 16 July, 2001

Story number 5 for 16 Jul 2001

(USA) — And finally, a United States based ministry says every Christian can be a missionary and they can do it through the internet with an email signature file. Acts International‘s Dick Innes. “Well, I think getting other people to put a link on their emails to our Gospel message would be a wonderful idea. If we could get other people to do that this could be a tremendous expansion of the ministry. This way thousands of people could become involved in evangelism.” The web site, 911FindGod-dot-org has already seen 632 people come to Christ. He says the web site also provides. “Daily devotional and also a weekend inspirational. We find that probably, approximately half of our salvation responses actually come from our daily encounter, because Christians send copies of it to non-Christian friends and then when other people get this there’s always on every issue there’s a link to the Gospel.”

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