Story number 5 for 18 Apr 2001

By April 18, 2001

(India)–And finally, a Bible distribution ministry is praising God for what He’s doing in the hearts of new believers in India. Bibles for the World’s Rochunga Pudaite says in 1974 the State of Tripura (trih-POO-rah) was called one of the most unevangelized state in India. However, Pudaite says because of their work, that’s changed. “We sent missionaries there. And today, they themselves, are getting ready to send missionaries out to Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal. So, it’s exciting to see what God is doing among these believers in Jesus Christ in India.” Pudaite says along with missionaries, they use telephone directories to distribute Bibles. He says this is the most effective evangelistic tool. “They can read the Bible and find out who Jesus Christ actually is even before we tell them. And then, when we come, following that, that’s when we see results.” Your 10-dollar gift can send four Bibles overseas.

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