Story number 5 for 2 May 2001

By May 2, 2001

(South America)–And, extraordinary growth of the Evangelical Church in South America has revealed a need for guidance. SIM is working to meet that challenge, using the Theological Education by Extension program. TEE has been designed to offer training for church leaders through self-study courses and seminars. SIM’s Ray Morris is excited about the future for these churches. “There’s a great deal of evangelism going on and there’s a great deal of church planting going on. Churches are coming into being with a remarkable rate in South America. But, there’s just about a total consensus that the biggest need is the training of the leaders for those groups.” Morris believes that there is a great potential in these churches. “It’s been very exciting to realize that the church has gone through the whole cycle, and the church is reproducing itself. But, the national leaders at different levels ask us to help the churches to develop their leadership.”

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