Story number 5 for 2 Oct 2001

By October 2, 2001

(Mongolia)–And finally, Russian Ministries International is excited to be looking at a new ministry to Mongolia. RMI’s Andrew Semenchuk says they reached out to a people who have never heard the Gospel before in a small border town called Tuva. “They just got the New Testament in their own language at last. We have missionaries that are working there. As a result, three churches have now been established.” Semenchuk says in addition to the churches, other small discipleship groups have started. Working in an area dominated by Buddhism and animism, he shares their prayer concerns. “This is indeed a victory for all of us. This is a population of 306-thousand,and we want to reach all of them with the message of Jesus Christ; so, if folks would pray for this new area of Tuva, and our penetration just north of the Chinese border, we would be so grateful.”

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