Story number 5 for 2003-08-20

By August 20, 2003

(International)–And finally, Global Advance’s David Shibley says the hunger for the Gospel continues to grow. For church leaders, the lack of teaching supplies, training and encouragement pose the strongest threat to evangelism. Shibley says his mid-year numbers represent a cross-section of an international vision for missions. “Already this year, we’ve had the privilege of giving hand-on, face-to-face training to 8,291 pastoral leaders, pastors and church leaders, in 23 Frontline Shepherds’ Conferences, in 18 nations.” Shibley says prayer plays a critical role in their work. Even as an anti-Christian sentiment seems to grow, it doesn’t stop their work. “None of our teams have been assaulted, but we have been threatened. So, we’re very grateful to the Lord for His protection upon us. I’m asking that believers here would pray for the protection of the pastors in the nations as they come to our conferences, and then also, of our ministry teams, our teaching teams who teach at the conferences.”

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