Story number 5 for 22 Aug 2001

By August 22, 2001

(Zimbabwe)–And finally, the lack of missionary doctors is having a negative impact on missionary work in Zimbabwe, South Africa. That’s the word from SIM Missionary Tim Borrow. He describes the situation at the situation at Rusitu (roo-see-tu) Hospital. “The fact is, now for over two years we have not had doctors there. And so, for all intents and purposes the hospital has been reduced to a rural health clinic. It just hasn’t been operating at the same level. And, also, it hasn’t been operating with the same spiritual dynamic that it did have when we had missionary doctors there.” Borrow says medical missionaries could have a huge impact. “There are in the region about 250,000 people. Plus the fact that Rusitu is about 10 kilometers from the Mozambique border. And, in addition to that the closest doctor is a probably about 150 kilometers, over 100 miles away.”

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