Story number 5 for 22 Feb 2001

By February 22, 2001

(International)–And finally, Trans World Radio is reaching out to women in countries closed to the Gospel through a program call Project Hanna. Project Hanna’s Marli Spieker says this new radio program may be the only way to touch the hearts of these women with the Gospel. “23-percent of the 3.04 billion women in this world are Muslims. They are, most of them, segregated in their own homes. Missionaries can not talk to them. There’s no Christian churches around. So, Radio is the tool.” Project Hanna’s Women of Hope program is now available in nine languages, with five more languages in the works. Speaker while the program may not be able to help physically, it can help them spiritually. “We can not change their circumstances. We can not change their governments. We can not change their predicament. We can not change their cultures. But, we can change their minds. We can change, with Jesus Christ, their hearts and give them the power to live above their circumstances.”

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