Story number 5 for 23 Jan 2002

By January 23, 2002

(USA)–And, a massive evangelistic effort is being mounted at the site of this year’s Winter Olympic Games in Utah. The Games start February 8th and close on the 24th. Evangelism Explosion is hosting a four-day clinic right in the middle of the festivities. E-E’s Judi Buller. “I think it’s going to be especially exciting this time because there are a lot of Christian athletes who will be there. We’re hoping to meet with their families, and other people. There will be people from 80 different countries who are seemingly more open to the Gospel now than ever before, especially since September 11th.” Buller says rather than a short term trip and short term goals, the group is looking toward the future. The February 11-15th clinics will give evangelistic churches the tools they need. “Our focus is going to be on the local pastor in Utah, in that area, so that we can help them, so that they will be able to learn how to witness to Mormons, or to anybody else, for that matter.”

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