Story number 5 for 25 Oct 2001

By October 25, 2001

(Ukraine)–And finally, Walk Thru the Bible’s Terry Sparks recently returned from a visit to the Ukraine. He says their World Teach program is seeing success in ways they never could have imagined. “There was an 80-year old lady that didn’t know how to read. She had attended our course called ‘Foundations of Faith’ and realized how much she’d been missing by not by not being able to study the Bible on her own, and was motivated from that to learn how to read and learn how to study the Bible on her own.” Sparks says in light of what’s happening around the world, there is a growing evangelistic sense. He says, as in the case of the elderly woman, a response to the Gospel is necessary. “She is now one of our World Teachers, working very effectively with other women like her. It’s more urgent that we get the message out, the Gospel, because we may not have as much time as we thought.”

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