Story number 5 for 28 Jun 2002

By June 28, 2002

(Russia)–And, the Gospel is reaching several ancient tribes in Russia. Missionary Michael Zdorow says the spiritual climate is no longer as cold as it once was to the hope of Christ. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Zdorow says people are looking for the truth, and are turning to Christ because of the testimony of local believers. “We hear the same cry over and over again, “Please come to our city; Please come to our village. We don’t have a single church.” Cities of over a million people, there’s not a single Christian church or a single Christian work. And there’s still such a hunger there, even though the Communist wall fell over ten years ago.” Zdorow says their work is not without its challenges. “The greatest obstacle really is just the support for these native missionaries-because right now, there are hundreds of missionaries that are going, and still there are many more than need to be supported. To support a native missionary is a lot more economical than supporting a western missionary.” The Zdorow’s are staying at D&D Missionary Homes in Florida while in the United States.

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