Story number 5 for 28 Nov 2000

By November 28, 2000

And, hundreds of people received the Christian care during a recent eye clinic in Somalia. Christian Blind Mission International’s Dan Gradin says they traveled to Boorama, Somalia recently to perform much needed eye surgery in that area. Gradin says they performed 293 surgeries in six days all in the name of Christ. “In Boorama it’s almost virtually 100-percent Muslim. It’s just a great opportunity because they know we’re Christians and yet we’re not really being very overt in preaching the Gospel to them. We’re just there doing good works and I think the good works themselves are giving them a testimony.” Which, Gradin says, is paving the way for evangelical missionaries. He’s encouraging Christians to get involved in CBMI’s work. “The average cost for an eye operation is in the vicinity of 25-dollars US. We try to do these operations very rapidly and very efficiently; we try to keep down the cost.”

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