Story number 5 for 30 May 2001

By May 30, 2001

(Bolivia)–And, Book of Hope is working to place God’s Word into the hands of over 600-thousand Bolivian students this year. BOH’s John Young says their partnership with a Christian music company has been instrumental in helping them preach the Gospel to the students. “We held a concert in a large stadium there, and had about five thousand kids come out. Hundreds and hundreds of kids came to the Lord, it was just an awesome event. The impact of the youth culture by music, by hip hop, all over the world, gives us the platform to really minister to kids.” Young says that while the news is encouraging, they need the continued support of Christians. “Pray for the leadership. Please pray that God would continue to give them wisdom, and for continued openness with the government and school administrations.” Young they’re hoping the second stage of their outreach will mobilize Christians to effectively present God’s Word to every child and youth of the world.

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