Story number 5 for 5 Sep 2002

By September 5, 2002

(Greece)–And finally, the ministry of AMG International is celebrating over a half century of evangelism. AMG’s Paul Jenks says their goals have broadened globally since the inception of the ministry to Greece. As for the next decade ahead, he says: “We’re focusing on the fact that, for us, even at the time of the Olympics, we’re really going home because our ministry began with a focus on Greeks. Pray with us and thank the Lord for the blessing that He’s poured out on us over the last sixty years.” Jenks says AMG is planning several celebrations of their 60th anniversary. He asks people to remember their next big project. “Pray for the events leading up to the Flame 2004 outreach. There are only 24 months left to go and we have so much yet to do to be ready for the hundreds and thousands of Christians that will be coming as volunteers to do outreach, and of course, [pray for] the millions that will be there at that time.”

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