Story number 5 for 6 Feb 2003

By February 6, 2003

(International)–And, the International Bible Society is hoping their latest New Testament translation encourages people to ‘Come Home’. IBS’s Glenn Paauw says this release combats a new trend where there are increasing numbers of believers unfamiliar with the Scriptures. He adds that it’s actually aimed at new Christians. “What’s essentially happening is people are learning just little bits and pieces of the Bible-this little story, or this principle, or this quote-but increasingly, they’re not putting the whole thing together as the greatest story ever told, as the story of God’s salvation and how it all fits together.” Paauw believes this translation is helpful to discipleship ministries. “This would be a great tool to get them kind of established in not just regular Bible reading, but understanding how the different parts of the Bible fit together as a story. So, that’s really the strong emphasis. The subtitle of the book is actually called: ‘Finding Your Place In The Drama Of The Bible’.”

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