Strategic work to provide Bibles to Latin American Christians.

By April 28, 2006

Chile (MNN) — The Bible League is excited to announce they’ve recently hired a new director named Manual Diaz to work in Chile, a field the Bible League has not been in before. This ministry expansion makes Chile the Bible League’s 55th country they’re serving worldwide.

The church Latin America is growing, with reports saying that the number of evangelical Christians is growing three times as fast as the population. The Bible League’s Scott Thunder says that there are more than 70 million evangelicals, which is about 14% of the population. With a growth rate of 15%, Thunder says that breaks down to about 1000 people per hour joining the church.

The demand for Bibles there is great, says Thunder. “Talking about a need for Bibles there, believe it or not, there’s about three million Christians in the country of Chile, and only 120,000 Bibles a year get into the country.”

Diaz will be establishing an infrastructure for church planter training and Bible studies within the local churches. Pray that God will raise up indigenous workers for church planting.

Thunder is excited to see how God’s Word will bring healing and transformation to that Latin American country, “Every country’s going to be strategic for us. We don’t want anyone to be left out. If anyone wants a Bible, our ministry is involved in making sure that they can get one placed into their hands. And it’s always exciting when you have a brand new country opening up and beginning to see change in people’s lives and change in the local communities.”

The Bible League will be kicking off a Latin America campaign in coming months. Contact them for more information or to help sponsor Bibles for Latin American believers.

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