Street children more open to the Gospel in areas resistant to the Gospel

By April 21, 2004

Africa (MNN) — They’re rejected by their families. They’re abandoned by society. They’ve lost all hope. So, the hunger is intense. Street children, a growing population all over the world, but especially on the African content as AIDS continues to run rampant.

Every Child Ministries is addressing the need. Every Child’s Lorella Rouster says their situation is presenting better opportunities to share the Gospel. “Bonds that ordinarily would have held them back from accepting the Gospel are torn away when they become street children and many of them then are willing to hear the Gospel when they’re put into that context,” says Rouster. She says when somebody shows interest in them and shows love to them they become very receptive.

Every Child Ministries is working with street children in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ghana, West Africa. Rouster says it’s important to reach children as they first begin living on the street. She says, “The longer they spend on the street the more hardened they become. They become very suspicious of everybody and they’ve developed many bad habits, and they can still come to Christ, it just makes it more difficult.” As these young people turn to Christ, they become effective ministers to their peers.

Every Child is looking for people to sponsor children at $28 a month in their street children ministry. “Some of them can be taken off the street to a home setting the we have available. Some of them are able to get into a vocational training program where they can hear the Gospel and learn a trade whereby eventually be able to get off the streets,” says Rouster.

Pray for wisdom of those ministering to the street children.

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