Street evangelist murdered in Nigeria.

By July 17, 2006

Nigeria (MNN)–Voice of the Martyrs Canada reports the murder of a young Christian woman in the Nigerian state of Niger.

A Muslim mob in the town of Izom overwhelmed police and clubbed her to death for participating in street evangelism.

According to reports, the mob gathered on June 28, after the unidentified woman met with a group of Muslim youth outside of the Jumat Mosque.

The woman reportedly shared the Gospel with them and gave them some tracts to read. When Muslim leaders learned what she had been doing, they were outraged and claimed that she had insulted Islam and Mohammed and should be killed.

The woman sought police help, but the mob threatened to destroy the police station. As police attempted to smuggle her out a back door, their actions were discovered. The police fled and the woman was clubbed and stoned to death. Several arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

Pray that the authorities will have the boldness to address this matter in a way that brings about true justice. Pray also that this incident will not result in further violence in the community but that the persecution would result in the spread of the Gospel.

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