Sudan may see peace by August

By June 16, 2004

Sudan (MNN)–Sudan’s final peace agreement is due to be signed in August in Nairobi, Kenya.

Talks on the final outstanding issue – a permanent ceasefire – are due to start on June 22. Even with an end in sight, the fighting in Darfur continues to threaten what could come from peace talks.

It could result in peace in the South and war in the West. However, in spite of this, the people hope the long road to peace may see an end nearly two decades of civil war.

Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung is excited about the potential of peace in Sudan. “It would enable ministry to take place in Sudan more easily without having the fear of destruction and violence always hurting that.”

The fighting has created a nomadic people fleeing ahead of the violence. That creates a problem for the church, in terms of a traditional ministry setting. DeYoung says their broadcast outreach is in support of that church population.

People are ready for the Gospel. “You have a rapidly growing church whose leaders are few in number and, in many cases, dispersed away from where their congregations are. I think it would be a great thing that some of the trained Sudanese pastors would be able to, in greater numbers, go to where the people really are.”

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