Sudan’s Darfur Muslims in crisis; believers respond with the love of Christ.

By July 29, 2004

Sudan (MNN)–Sudan’s government accuses rebels in Darfur of violating a cease-fire signed in April.

Their accusations include the killing of nearly 15-hundred civilians and slowing the delivery of aid to the region.

More than one million people are homeless and as many as 30,000 dead in western Sudan’s Darfur province as Arab militias drive black Africans from their land.

Even as the war threatens to topple an unsteady peace there, the government says it will resist international intervention or peace-keeping efforts.

That has prompted another response from the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. With five-thousand dollars (USD) in emergency funds, teams purchased food and grain for refugee camps.

An additional hundred thousand dollars will get clean drinking water into the camps, and long-term plans call for helping repair and dig wells in the area.

Workers in the region say because the conflict there is Muslim on Muslim, many are beginning to question their faith. Please pray that IMB teams not only can have access and freedom to do their work, but that believers will have opportunities to share spiritual relief, as well as physical.

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