Support is needed for Christian school in Pakistan

By December 23, 2005

Pakistan (MNN) — Christians in Islamic Pakistan held a day of prayer and fasting Tuesday for the repeal of laws intended to punish “blasphemy.” However, many Christians say the laws are widely abused.

Strategic World Impact’s Kevin Turner agrees. “They’ll tear a page out of a Koran, or burn a Koran (the Muslims will), but they’ll throw it in front of like a Christian store owner who’s competing with them, who’s doing well, and a mob will rise up; the store will be destroyed. They basically use this to persecute Christians.”

Introduced in 1986, the blasphemy sections of Pakistan’s penal code outlaw desecrating the Koran, an offense carrying a life imprisonment; and insulting the name of the Muslim prophet, a crime punishable by death.

SWI is helping the body of Christ in a number of ways, says Turner. “We continue to reach out in evangelism, working with local pastors, but one of our main outreaches is the school.”

The school along with several churches in Lahore were attacked by Muslims. Turner says it was, “Minor stuff, windows broken, some of the water pumps were stolen,” but Turner says operations are going well.

“We have 154 students now and these are Muslims, Christians and Hindus who are actually attending our school so, this isn’t just Christians. We’re trying to give them a Christian education.”

While Christmas is just a few days away, SWI will be holding a belated Christmas celebration and it’s not too late for you to be a part of it. $50 is what it costs for each child, says Turner. “This Christmas it’s an opportunity for us as Americans to reach out and show other people around the world the birth of Christ means something to us and we’re interested in give and making a difference in children’s lives.”

For your contribution SWI will send you the book, “Words To Die For.” Click on the link below to get connected.

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