Survivors of devastating South Asian floods resume lives as rains recede.

By September 1, 2004

West Bengal (MNN)–We begin today in West Bengal, where millions of survivors throughout the region have begun returning to their homes.

Monsoon-triggered floods drowned vast tracts of land and killed thousands. The devastation hit ministry hard, forcing it into a rebuilding phase.

For those whose homes and communications remain intact, travel is still dangerous–if not impossible. This is hindering many Christians from meeting for worship and Bible study. Bible League’s David Moore says he spoke with their director, Anup. “Anup said that many Bible studies were curtailed during the month of July because of these floods. People just simply could not reach them. He said there were 100-thousand people cut off from civilization for about a week in regards to this rain.”

Moore says their work in Medinipur Province will change with as the rains recede. At the moment, their ministry team is facing considerable need. “From mid-August until present, the rains have subsided somewhat. He said in Calcutta City right now, it’s been raining for the past two days, and he says roads are washed out, and so on and so forth. Because of the floods, many of the poor people have lost their homes, they’ve lost their possessions, and of course, they’ve lost their crops.”

Because of these kinds of challenges, many local churches are postponing evangelism and discipleship programs. They are hesitant to ask anyone to be on the roads until after the monsoon season passes.

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