Taliban target foreign aid workers in Afghanistan

By June 3, 2004

Afghanistan (MNN) — Taliban militants are believed to be responsible for an attack in Afghanistan. The group is taking responsibility for the ambush that claimed the lives of five people, including three foreigners working with Doctors Without Borders. The organization confirms the incident, but couldn’t firm there were any deaths.

The incident is a concern to Christian organizations, like International Aid, who’s working there. IA’s President Myles Fish is concerned about this new trend. “(It) wasn’t very long ago that someone in a military situation that wore a red cross or was involved in development work was kind of off limits to the combatants and that seems to be changing both in Afghanistan and Iraq,” says Fish.

According to Fish it’s impossible to be ready for these kinds of attacks. Fish says, “The instances that are being reported now are so haphazard and unpredictable that it’s very difficult to take precautions. We’re always in the company of nationals and we are following their lead. And, when they sense danger we respond and when they don’t sense danger we feel that we’re pretty safe.”

The new violence isn’t stopping International Aid’s travel plans. IA operates a medical clinic in a community in Afghanistan and it’s the only source of medical care in that community.

International Aid is asking Christians to pray for safety for their workers in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Fish also suggests, funding goes a long way in their outreach. “No matter what news source you take advantage of, you don’t have to listen or read it very long to know that there are uncountable opportunities for ministry and people in need all over the world. Our ability to respond to those needs is in direct proportion to the financial resources we are granted.”

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