Talking Bibles are going to India to reach 100,000 families

By June 7, 2005

India (MNN) — It’s a device that looks like a Bible. But, this Bible-looking machine doesn’t have any pages. It’s a talking Bible and it’s being produced by Talking Bibles International for those people who are non-readers around the world.

Over the weekend the board of Talking Bibles International voted to make a spiritual impact on the country of India. Talking Bibles’ Paul Hoekstra says, “We have adopted an initiative to reach 100,000 families in India with Talking Bibles, with God’s Word, that will be a program that we carry out over the next three years. So, we’re gearing up to work with our partners in India, Talking Bibles-India, to prepare the units.” The units will be manufactured in India, which will keeps costs low.

Hoekstra says the Talking Bible is empowering the last wave of missionaries. “The non-literate people, the traditionally oral society people, are the last group of people to be reached with the Scriptures. They are being empowered to go out and reach their neighbors.”

National Christians are effectively using Talking Bibles in evangelism. Hoekstra tells us about one evangelist who was largely ignored until he got a Talking Bible. “Interestingly, the reception that he received after playing Scripture was much different than before he was using the Bible because people began to recognize the authority of Scripture and that he came a representative of Jesus.”

The Talking Bibles are distributed mostly in churches right now for a small contribution. This is done for security reasons, says Hoekstra. “The reason we ask for a small contribution is because then we safeguard ourselves against accusations of trying to persuade people to become Christians by the giving of the Talking Bible.”

Broken down, $6 can reach each Talking Bible listener. If you’d like to help, click on the highlighted link above to contribute.

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