Talking Bibles project in Bengali is underway

By July 8, 2005

Bangladesh (MNN) — There are more than 120-million people in Bangladesh who speak Bengali and another 50 million in India. That’s why Talking Bibles International is targeting this language with their Talking Bible New Testment.

Talking Bible’s Paul Hoekstra says many people who speak this language aren’t able to read. “Once you move away from the urban centers, you find that the literacy rates drop off quite drastically, particularly when you get into village areas and into the more agricultural communities where the people are working in the fields.”

However, this project will take some time, says Hoekstra. “We’re right in the beginning stages. The studios have been contacted. The Bible Society is giving their permission to do the recording and we’re now searching for the voices. Once that’s done we’ll begin the process. It’ll take about two to three months to get the New Testament recorded. And, once it’s recorded we can encode it.”

Hoekstra says the Talking Bible is important. “In a lot of parts of the world even the evangelists themselves read very poorly. So, giving them a Talking Bible helps them; it equips them with the most basic of the tools that they need for their growth and discipleship.”

Prayer is need for the production both for logistics and funding. “Roughly the budget on that is about $5,000 to produce the entire New Testament. So, if anyone wanted to get involved, that would be very helpful.”

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