Targeted bombings in Iraq have Christians tense.

By January 31, 2006

Iraq (MNN)–Near-simultaneous explosions hit Christian churches in Baghdad and Kirkuk over the weekend. Militants are believed to have timed the detonations as services ended.

The car bombs killed three people and injured at least nine others. It also raised new concerns about sectarian tensions that may or may not be related to the recent election results.

Whatever the case, it’s sent off a shockwave, says Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton, meant to send the message to Christians that they are not welcome in their own country. “There is a sense of a threat level going up, a sense of uneasiness if you’re there, if you’re involved in Christian ministry. I think we need to be praying for our brothers and sisters that are involved in ministry in Iraq. Pray for their safety, but we also need to pray that they will feel safe.”

According to published reports, the attacks on Christian sites came at a time of rising sectarian tensions. The violence is one more threat against the formation of a broad-based government following the recent parliamentary elections.

Nettleton says prayer support is key to continued ministry. “We have work going on in Iraq and all of our people that are there are very conscious of their safety, they’re very conscious of the issues that are there, but I think they go in knowing that it is a risk but understanding that it’s an important thing to share the Gospel with people in Iraq.”

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