Teen ministry in the Ukraine helps bring answers to tough questions.

By May 19, 2004

Ukraine (MNN)–Like teens in any other part of the world, Ukrainian youth are searching for answers.

Roman Matviyiv with New Hope International says through educational programs they can talk in schools about important issues. “We teach them about abstinence. We talk about all these problems from a Biblical perspective.”

He says after the intitial introductions, comes relationship building. “After that, we invite kids to youth clubs. Again the youth clubs, Christian youth clubs are neutral territory. Kids feel free to come because we have fun, we have music, we do some message also.”

Matviyiv says most teens have tried being self-reliant “Now they, you know, they don’t have assurance about the future”, but, he continues, times are changing. “They not sure about life and there are a lot of questions, a lot of doubts, and I think we, we have to use that opportunity to share about Christ.”

Pray for the Ukraine as an upcoming presidential election will help shape the country’s future.

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