Teen Missions assist child kidnappings in Malawi

By September 22, 2006

Malawi (MNN) — Kidnapping appears to be a growing problem in Malawi, according to team members with Teen Missions International who are working there. Children are being kidnapped and forced into slave labor on tobacco farms or big building projects. Sexual abuse is widespread.

A Teen Missions Unit was able to rescue a girl who was forced to walk two kilometers (1.2 miles) to get water 19 times a day. She faced whipping if she failed to do this successfully. Fortunately the team was able to rescue her and she was returned home.

Three orphans working with the team were also kidnapped. However, police caught the kidnappers at a road block and they’re now in prison and the children safe.

Despite the fear, God is using Teen Missions to help orphans in the region. Traveling by bicycle, they have been traveling from village to village in the region. They have been encouraging the orphans and counseling the guardians in their own homes. They also started a Bible study. Many orphans and villagers are attending.

They’ve also been providing minor medical care — treating minor wounds, infections and cases of malaria.

Pray that many orphans, caregivers and villagers will turn to Christ as a result of the team’s work.

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