Teen Missions hit by hurricanes in the U-S

By September 28, 2004

USA (MNN) — The relief effort will be bigger than the 9-11 terrorist attack. But this effort is rebuilding after four hurricanes in the United States, specifically in the state of Florida. As the damage is estimated in the billions of dollars, mission organizations weren’t spared from the storms.

Teen Missions International is located on Merritt Island, Florida. Teen Mission’s President Bob Bland says the damage on their campus is estimated at nearly $100,000. “We have 11 new roofs that we have to put on our buildings. We were able to get one of those roofs on our print shop. We’ve lost a lot of trees on the Lord’s boot camp and we’re trying to temporarily patch up the roofs until we can actually put new roofs on the buildings.”

Because they’re in a hurricane zone, the damage isn’t covered by insurance. Bland says they need help. “We have a lot of work to repair all of the buildings and we still have debris scattered all over the area from the hurricanes. And, we’re hoping that we can get some work groups to come down and help us. We need them now, we will need them this fall and we’ll need them this winter and this spring.” Funding is also needed.

The primary purpose of Teen Missions is to challenge, train, and disciple young people, exposing them to worldwide missions. As they see the pressing needs of the world, many get involved in evangelism and church planting efforts.

Bland says while some of their buildings were damaged, God protected their staff. There were not boot camps under way, so their programs weren’t affected. But, if they can’t find volunteers to help, recruiting for next year could be a problem. “By doing all of this and trying just to trend water all this time, we’re not working on it. So, it has affected this, but we’re still hoping to meet the deadline.”

If you or your church would like to help Teen Mission International call them at (321) 453-0350 or go to their web site http://www.TeenMissions.org.

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