Terror leader killed, but Jesus is still the only answer to terrorism.

By September 28, 2005

Middle East (MNN) — Terrorism continues be the biggest threat to the world today. Earlier this week, Abu Azzam, a senior aide to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the No. 2 al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, was shot dead in an apartment in Baghdad. He was killed in a raid by U-S troops and members of the Iraqi security force. It’s uncertain what this means for the insurgency in Iraq.

One thing is clear, however. It’s a battleground physically and spiritually, says E3 Partners Tom Doyle who’s in the region right now, and says Christians need to be involved. “We know that that area needs to be flooded with prayer and conversions and discipleship and life-giving churches, because that’s what really is going to bring back great things in that area and in Iraq and the Middle East. People will be able to live and enjoy the freedom and that freedom can only come through Christ.”

Evangecubes are puzzle-like cubes, tools that helps a Christian share the Gospel in a non-threatening way.

Even though Iraq and other parts of the Middle East are unstable right now, EvangeCube training is taking place. Doyle says, “The nationals are asking us to train them and let them go in. We just trained a group that shared the EvangeCube with 400 new believers and they’re equipped now and sharing the Gospel.”

Since many are suspicious of any foreigners because of the insurgency problem, Iraqis are the only ones who can safely go into Iraq, and that’s why training Iraqis is vital. Doyle says, “Right now we’re equipping as many as we can and sending them back in because it’s a real open time for the Gospel.”

Doyle his team are on an EvangeCube training tour through the Middle East. Pray for his team’s safety and for the more than 500 people that are expected to be trained.

If you’d like to sponsor an EvangeCube trainer in the Middle East go to http://www.E3Partners.org.

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