Terror threats won’t stop ministry at the Olympics.

By March 29, 2004

Greece (MNN)–The flame that will burn at the Athens Olympics began its round-the-world journey last week.

Ceremonies took place against the backdrop of unprecedented security that included metal detectors and commandos.

Greek officials recently completed a huge Olympics security drill involving US troops, and say it was a success.
All these measures come in the context of a threat involving Al Qaeda, terror, and international security.

Greece has committed more than 50,000 members of the security forces and emergency services to protecting the 10,000 athletes and officials and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

AMG International’s Jason Schultz is in charge of the ministry’s short term mission effort. He says they’re being careful as well. “Any area that’s going to have a mass amount of people is going to be a target, so obviously, all these things are going to be a concern with transportation. We really don’t take public transportation if we don’t have to.”
One facet of AMG’s outreach is the Cosmovision Center. It is a multi-purpose facility in Athens that will be used to share the Gospel through sports and community projects.

The Center will serve as a base for the evangelistic effort surrounding the 2004 Olympic Games. Schultz says teams are slated to begin arriving in Greece in April. With the terror threat looming over the horizon, he urges prayer. “Number one is that our people would be safe; number two is that we use this opportunity to get the Gospel into the hands of thousands of people, whether it’s the New Testaments, or tracts, or one-on-one evangelism, praying that the Word would get out there and that His kingdom would be expanded.”

Following the Olympics, additional facilities will allow the operation of the only evangelical Christian school in Athens, offering an excellent education based upon Christian principles.

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