Thailand remains calm after military coup; ministry leaders go to prayer.

By September 21, 2006

Thailand (MNN)–Thailand’s coup leader vows to return power under a replacement prime minister in two weeks. He’s looking for someone “who is neutral and upholds democracy”. At the same time, the military is enacting a temporary Constitution.

At present, a general election is likely to be held in October 2007, and there are rumors that ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra could face prosecution for wrongdoing.

The first coup in 15 years, it has been bloodless so far. In spite of the presence of tanks and troops, most residents appeared unfazed by the political upheaval.

Book of Hope’s Bob Hoskins is in Bangok, Thailand for meetings on a new ‘Godman’ DVD project for Southeast Asia.

The area is calm, but, in terms of a new political scene, there are some concerns. “The Prime Minister has been very sympathetic to Christians and Christianity, and there has been an openness during his time in leadership. So, rather than getting into the political aspect of it, the spiritual leaders here feel that it’s a spiritual warfare.”

Hoskins says they’ll continue their ministry plans, but confirms prayer needs. “Our prayer here in the meetings today was, ‘O, Sovereign God, we know that You want to keep the door open for the flow of the Gospel.'”

As regimes change, a Constitutional review begins, and elections loom next year, there is much that could change the freedom to evangelize. That said, Hoskins says, “We ask that God will intervene and that whatever decisions are made will not interfere with the openness that we’ve all enjoyed here for the last seven or eight years.”

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