The 1-year anniversary of Sudan’s peace marks new development in ministry.

By February 7, 2006

Sudan (MNN)–In January 2005, Sudan’s legendary peace accord went into effect. The South’s independence is coming through an autonomous government.

As the country rebuilds and begins a form of reconciliation, both the North and the South are eyeing the potential outcome of an election slated for six years from now. The result of that election will determine whether or not the South remains united to northern Sudan or secedes and forms their own nation.

An entire generation has grown up without education. SIM International’s Steve Strauss says that means there’s a window of opportunity until 2011, and they’re moving quickly. “We are sending in teams which will include teams of missionaries from Ethiopia and Nigeria.”

Their focus is on stabilizing the future church infrastructure. “These will be people who can go in, specifically to help rebuild the educational infrastructure, as elementary school teachers but then serve as evangelist-disciplers to help nurture and build up the Sudanese church.”

Strauss says for those in ministry, there are many things to pray about as Sudan heals from 21-years of civil war. “It’s important that the situation in Darfur will not spill over and affect the open door that exists in the South. Pray that the Ethiopians and the Nigerian missionaries are able to get all of their visas, all of their work permits, all of their funding. Pray that they’re well equipped spiritually to go into a difficult situation.”

Part of their strategy calls for an equipping facility to prepare teachers to train Sudanese student teachers and church leaders. They’ll also select 50 trainers, who will be minimally supported by their home churches in neighboring African countries. And they’re looking to place 25 teacher-training centers strategically located throughout central South Sudan. Each community provides rudimentary housing and a place for classes. It’s a lot of work facing the teams. Pray for their effectiveness.

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