The $7.00 Great Crate encourages Indian church leaders.

By November 3, 2006

India (MNN)–A second Great Crate from Christian Resources International just made it into Andhra Pradesh, India.

CRI’s Fred Palmerton says their seminary partner, Master’s College of Theology, managed to pay the most of the freight, but: “Unfortunately, all they could pay for was the freight, all but seven dollars of it.”

While this crate’s shipping expense was defrayed for 28,000 pounds of books, that isn’t always the case. In fact,
he explains, “On the average, a container of books that we send will have overhead costs and direct costs between five and six thousand dollars per container above the actual shipping costs.”

A typical container reaches close to 100-thousand people. With the existing needs so great, Palmerton says they are only limited by funding.

At the same time the India crate went out, CRI is also readying one to Kenya and two others are scheduled for shipment right after that.

Palmerton says they’re looking at $20,000 above shipping costs to make sure the materials reach their destination. But the payoff: “They bless the hearts of students who are enrolled in the seminary, and about 75% of the material that goes over can be used for street evangelizing. They’re also used for churches and church planting. We send Sunday school material, VBS kinds of material and tracts.”

The books the seminary needs will be put into their library, with the more general books resourcing pastors and missionaries in the area.

Says one pastor and past recipient, “What you have done is a great investment to us, for the knowledge from the books will help us to serve God’s people more than before.”

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