The Bible could be considered hate literature under legislation being proposed in Canada.

By October 15, 2003

Canada (MNN) — It could be the begin of a ‘slippery sloap’. Canada is considering legislation that’s directed at punishing hate crimes against homosexuals, but it could have broader implications on God’s word, the Holy Bible.

Under legislation that is before the nation’s Senate, the Bible could be closer to being considered hate speech, or hate literature. The proposed law, C-250, passed the House of Commons already. It adds homosexuality to the list of protected classes in the hate propaganda sections of the country’s criminal code.

International Bible Society’s Stan Kellner says, “This is an example of a new twist to the direction of how people are attacking Scripture.” Kellner says, “Here are clear passages from both Old and New Testaments about homosexuality and these folks are trying to say that this is all of a sudden hate literature and therefore it ought to be considered a hate crime to even have this published. We all should be concerned.”

While he’s troubled by what’s happening, Kellner says the Gospel will continue to be proclaimed. He says, “Whatever takes place the show will go on. Our ministry will continue, but I do think it would really force the Canadian church to rethink their approach to the populous of Canada and how there can still be very effective ways to get the word out.”

Prayer is needed right now. Kellner hopes for, “a spiritual breakthrough.” He’s also praying, “That the church in Canada would come to a place of unity. So that, what ever fight might be ahead that those who are looking on to this situation and would say, ‘they have something we don’t have. They have a peace in them.’ To me those are the two key things.”

No word on when the issue will be voted on in the Senate.

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