The church continues to press human rights in North Korea.

By April 28, 2006

North Korea (MNN)–Today is North Korea Freedom Day. North Korea Freedom Coalition’s Suzanne Scholte says today’s events are all about revealing truth.

There’s a rally scheduled for today at noon at the US Capitol West Front. Afternoon demonstrations are planned with defectors and activists scheduled to speak to dignitaries about the reality behind the borders. The day ends with an all night prayer vigil for North Korea refugees, jailed humantiarian workers, and repatriated North Koreans. This will occur across the street from the Chinese Embassy beginning 6 p.m.

As to why Christians are hated in the country, she says it’s “…because Kim Il Sung considers himself a God, and wanted North Koreans to worship him, Christians became the number one target for extermination.”

The religious rights abuses are extensive. Scholte says, “He killed pastors, he rounded up congregations and put them in political prisoner camps. The current dictator of North Korea considers Christianity to be his greatest threat.”

Scholte urges solidarity with believers who have been imprisoned. “Pray for the prisoners in jail that have helped the refugees. I would pray for a change of heart in the Chinese government and stop this terrible repatriation. Pray for the North Korean people as well, that peaceful change would come to North Korea and reform.”

Open Doors is partnering with the Coalition on behalf of the persecuted church.

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