The church is growing despite persecution in Laos and Vietnam.

By October 28, 2003

Laos/Vietnam (MNN) — “Christians and pastors are at risk especially in Vietnam and Laos.” That’s the message from John Lindner at Christian Aid Mission . However, the oppression isn’t seeing a decline in church growth.

Lindner with says his organization helps support believers in these countries. Lindner says the governments of these two nations have a negative perception of Christians. “The governments of these two countries consider Christians enemies of the state because they identified with the American war effort years ago. Therefore, they think anybody who is a Christian is a traitor to their country and they intend to wipe them out, but it’s not working.”

Lindner says believers around the world need to pray. “Pastors and church leaders are being asked to deny their faith, to sign documents saying that they will no longer believe the Gospel, that they will cease Christian activities” says Lindner. He adds, “they are tortured with stun guns, whipped, beaten and some are even given poison.”

Lindner says Christian Aid is supporting the families of those pastors who have suffered for their faith. “People can contribute to Christian Aid, and those funds will be used to help support families whose husbands or pastors that are in prison. And, others who are wandering through the jungles and need food supplements to survive.”

Lindner says Bibles and other Scripture resources are desperately needed in these two countries.

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