The church is having an impact on hurricane relief

By September 8, 2005

USA (MNN) — Billions of dollars will be needed to help Hurricane Katrina survivors. But, the money isn’t the only thing needed. It’s willing volunteers who are making a difference in this incredible relief effort that’s left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands of people homeless.

International Aid Dean Agee is in the hurricane-affected region distributing aid and helping those in need through hundreds of local churches. “The church is just the natural connection point into the community,” says Agee.

He says because of that, they’re uniquely able to help people who are asking spiritual questions. “When you’ve lost everything, it really makes you reprioritize. And, a lot of people have reflected and the church is really there to help people through those kinds of times.”

Churches from across the nation have gotten involved in this relief effort. Agee says he’s amazed by that and also how the local church has become a catalyst for help. “The community churches that are down here really are ministering to their communities. I literally can stop at any community that we are going through and the pastor almost runs out and greets you. And then, he’ll take you through his church and show you exactly what they’re doing for their community, and if you ask him what they need, he knows right away.”

What’s needed are non-perishable food items, gasoline, generators, water, and more. Medical supplies are also needed, says Agee. “We have an over-night shipment coming in from Michigan of medical equipment for a hospital in Gulfport, so it’s across the spectrum.”

Funding is always needed. Call I-A at 1-800-251-2502 to donate 24/7, or go to their website

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