The downside of economic slump interferes with a missions support group.

By December 19, 2003

USA (MNN)–So far this year, charitable giving is down slightly for most organizations compared to funds raised at this time last year.

Total individual giving fell through the 1990’s and only recently started to rise. But the peak was cut short by events of 2001, and giving is not increasing in line with the growth in the economy.

D & D Missionary Homes executive director Phil Fogle says they’re also feeling the downswing, and attributes it to an odd trend. “The trust factor for charitable organizations is off 40-percent since 9-11 occurred. That means that people no longer are placing their full trust in charitable organizations. The religious charitable organizations are receiving the fallout from that.”

Fogle explains the budget shortfalls prevent them from expansion and even some program maintenance. They’ve also cut personnel. “It does impact us immensely. The result is the missionaries aren’t going to have the full amount of services that we feel are so very important to provide to them.”

Fogle also urges prayer for the missionaries themselves, some of whom are stranded until their support catches up. For some, their sending agencies are also struggling, financially.

He urges people to, “pray for the mission organizations that they support, especially when these mission organizations are based in the United States, people often times don’t fully understand the value of the agency’s support for the individual missionaries. ” He goes on to say, “it’s very critical that people understand how valuable the agency is to provide the diplomatic support, the financial record-keeping support, the ability to support materials going into countries.”

D&D strives to support missionary families on furlough, in pre-field ministries, and on sabbaticals. It provides homes to about 250 missionary families annually.

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