The Forbidden Church

By March 17, 2016
(Photo courtesy Mission India)

(Photo courtesy Mission India)

India (Mission India) — Telam and his family live next door to a church.

But Telam wasn’t allowed inside the church. His parents warned him never to speak or play with Christian children either.

When a Children’s Bible Club (by Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India) started at the church, Telam watched from a distance. He saw the boys and girls having fun playing, learning songs, performing skits, and listening to stories. Telam wanted to join the Club, but he knew his parents would never allow it.

A few days later, Telam found out his parents were going to work in another village for some weeks. They wouldn’t come home until late in the evening.

That night, Telam joined the Bible Club activities.

Telam loved the stories, lessons, and songs. But he made sure he was home before his parents came back. This continued for several days.

Suddenly, Telam’s dad was electrocuted at work…and died. Telam’s mom was so weak with grief that she barely worked. Telam’s Club leader visited. She encouraged Telam and his family. She prayed for them and shared about Jesus.

Soon, Telam, his mom, and his siblings all received Jesus as their Savior. They attend church next door and are growing in their faith!

Each $1 you give allows another boy or girl to take part in a Children’s Bible Club.
$40 provides the club experience for 40 children!

Your gift helps provide:

  • Teacher training
  • Lesson booklets in four age levels, published in India’s major languages
  • Devotional materials
  • Recordings of songs in regional languages


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