The Gospel advances under the encouragement of church leaders around the world.

By March 26, 2004

International (MNN)–Global Advance teams are readying themselves for a marathon. For them, 2004 is a year for strategy, training and pacing.

GAM President, David Shibley is firmly convinced that the key to fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission lies in the empowering of native pastors and church leaders to reach the people of their own nations.

“We, at Global Advance, are off to a faster start than ever before. We’ve already conducted twelve Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences in eight nations of the world. Some six thousand pastors and ministry leaders have been at our conferences and have received training.”

Shibley says they provide on-site training for needy pastors and church leaders in underdeveloped nations. For many, the integrity of their faith marks the pastors for oppression, persecution and hardship.

Shibley believes the rise in persecution may actually fuel a growing sense of purpose. “We have seen a tremendous move of God’s spirit in almost every one of our conferences. There seems to be a hunger level among pastors higher than it has ever been, at least in our 14-year experience. We sense a holy momentum.”

Books and ministry resources have been translated into 13 languages. These serve as tools in the church leaders hands to not only evangelize, but encourage and disciple new believers. April’s conferences are in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Pray for wisdom and safety for the teams as they teach. Pray too, that the Holy Spirit will continue to encourage the church leaders as they face a challenging mission field.

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