The Gospel comes to a forgotten people.

By April 30, 2004

Uganda (MNN)–The IK people of northern Uganda are in a struggle for their lives and identity as a people group. For years, they were misunderstood and suffered a type of genocide that comes about from apathy.

The culture and the language of the tribe was at the edge of being forgotten, when missionaries made a second visit. The groups found a family-oriented, if primitive, communal structure, along with many promising elements that paved the way for the new Ik project.

Audio Scripture Ministries’ teams recently began a new distribution project to the IK people in the remote areas of Uganda.

The tribes are isolated and still without a written language of their own (although some younger Ik are learning to become literate in English in the few village schools).

Despite the high illiteracy rates, teams are bringing TapeTalk2 players, the Gospel of John on cassette and various other items for meeting needs.

The translation of larger Scripture portions continues indirectly with translators working in the US and a national helper in Uganda.

Pray for the Lord’s protection every inch of the way and for God’s anointing as they deliver this precious cargo in each IK village.

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